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Using our enterprise grade Blockchain Data Solution Platform

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We Transform
Corporate Data into
Digital Assets

ECHOX cutting-edge Blockchain SaaS solution, designed to revolutionize the way you manage and utilize corporate data. 

With our intuitive interface and robust blockchain infrastructure, you can effortlessly tokenize, track, and exchange data assets across departments, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Product

Web 3.0

X Platform, the Web 3.0 Digital Transformation Platform, empowers businesses by integrating blockchain, AI, and decentralized technologies, offering unmatched security, transparency, and efficiency, and transforming digital operations and interactions.

Membership and Loyalty Program

Fiat + Crypto Payment

25+ Application modules

Web 3.0

X Platform Lite offers streamlined efficiency and seamless integration of cutting-edge features from our flagship releases, ensuring startups and growing businesses stay at the forefront of technology without compromising their goals.

NFT Publishing Suite

Wallets as a Service

NFT Marketplace

25+ Application Lite Modules

Web 3.0

DX Platform leverages decentralized technologies like blockchain and smart contracts to convert raw data into digital assets. By ensuring transparency, security, and ownership, it empowers enterprises to create, manage, and monetize data in novel ways.

On-Chain / Off-Chain Hybrid Database

Zero-Knowledge Exchange Engine

25+ Application Lite Modules

Our Solutions

Leading-Edge Web 3.0 Application Deployment

AutomotiveNFT Loyalty for DriveBlockchain Car Records
The most comprehensive blockchain automotive solution, designed to seamlessly integrate cars, drivers, car manufacturers, insurance companies, and various partners.

NFT – the connection between Luxgen Drivers and Yulon Ecosystem

Conference Interactive Omnichannel MembershipMain Event / Side Event Management
Our blockchain conference/event platform can create a more secure, engaging, and efficient experience for all participants, ultimately enhancing the overall value and success of the event.

The next generation conference ….. Interactions + Sharing Experiences

School Campus Web3.0 ID and CertificatesGamification + Rewards
Web 3.0 Campus establishes a secure, transparent, and engaging ecosystem for students, schools, external education institutes, and NGOs. This enhances education experiences, fosters collaboration, and drives educational advancement.

Web 3.0 Immersive Learning Experiences

EntertainmentNFT Membership + E-CommerceOnline + Offline Redemption
Our platform fosters a secure, transparent, and engaging ecosystem for artists, fans, and industry partners. It enhances user experience and catalyzes innovative revenue models, driving growth in the entertainment sector.

Transforming Fans economy with blockchain

Professional Services
EchoX provides tailored professional services, enabling businesses to leverage blockchain effectively. With vast industry experience, we ensure seamless implementation, optimized performance, and enhanced ROI, fostering innovation and strategic goal achievement.

About Us

Our Executive Team

Neil Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Neil is a Serial entrepreneur, and his last start-up, Hiir Inc. was acquired by Far Eastone Group in 2013. Neil co-found LeadBest Consulting Group in 2017 and EchoX in 2021. LeadBest Consulting Group was named as one of the top ten blockchain consulting firms in Asia.

Dominique tu

Chief Operation Officer /
Chief Revenue Officer

Dominique is a Serial Entrepreneur and he was the co-founder of GliaCloud and VMFive in Taiwan. Dominique has over 20+ years experiences in Asia Pacific and served as Managing Director or Vice President of APAC Sales in various listed technology companies; such as PalmSource, Nokia, and Intellisync.

Chi Tse Chang

Chief Product Officer

Yoyo Chang previously served as the Head of Research and Development at HerMin Textile. Yoyo lead the team and were recognized with leading annual industry awards in 2020: “Best Experience Innovation,” “Best Product Innovation,” and the “Judges’ Award.”

Taien Wang

Chief Digital Officer
Yoyo Chang previously served as the Head of Research and Development at HerMin Textile. Yoyo lead the team and were recognized with leading annual industry awards in 2020: “Best Experience Innovation,” “Best Product Innovation,” and the “Judges’ Award.”

Jade Wen

Chief Curation Officer

Jade was the Chief Planner at Taiwan National CKS Memorial Hall. She is also lecturing at the Nanya Institute of Technology, specialize in cultural exhibitions and festivals. Jade is now providing consulting services for all major museums in Taiwan. Jade holds a Ph.D. in Arts Management and Cultural Policy from National Taiwan University.

Meng-Chow Kang

Chief Security Advisor

Before joining EchoX, Meng Chow served in AWS as their Head, Regulatory and Industry Engagement. Meng Chow leads all security measures in EchoX; from the protection of digital assets, oversees cybersecurity, implements protection strategies, ensures data integrity, manages risk, and ensures compliance with regulations to safeguard sensitive information and maintain user trust.


Always Security-Oriented.

ISO 27001 Certification

We prioritize data security through the rigorous implementation of ISO 27001 standards, ensuring best practices in information security management.

GDPR Compliance

Our commitment to data protection includes full compliance with GDPR, ensuring personal data is collected, processed, and stored with the utmost respect for privacy and regulatory requirements.

Third-Party Cybersecurity Monitoring

We enhance our security measures with third-party cybersecurity monitoring services, providing continuous system surveillance to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

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